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From blackjack to Scrabble, Hemet-areas Oldlympics are haven for unusual events

Micheal Paul, deals cards during the first Blackjack tournament that was part of the annual Oldlympics at the Valley Wide Regional Park in San <a href= Jacinto Wednesday, September 20, 2017.' align='left' /> Blackjack took the place of softball, which was dropped because the sport required teams and not individual competitors. One tradition that may never go away is the Salisbury steak dinner served at the awards banquet. Keri Price, the Oldlympics coordinator, said she suggested changing the menu and was shot down. Perhaps there’s too much nostalgia for the staple of TV dinners in the 1960s. The Oldympics features some competitions that are a little unusual for sporting events. Here’s a closer look at few. Micheal Paul deals cards during the first Blackjack tournament at the Oldlympics in San Jacinto on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Description: Also known as Twenty-one, the card game pits a table of players against the dealer.

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