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DARPA sees clear path to faster, cheaper space technology

alasa And launch vehicles are getting better and cheaper by the day. So it only makes sense for the U.S. military to ride that wave, said Steven Walker, the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA was created 60 years ago as an antidote to the stubbornly inflexible system the military uses to develop and acquire technology. The agency now sees an opportunity to flex its disruptive muscles in space programs.

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How To Tell If You're Playing Blackjack With A Card Counter

Quora A lot of advantage players don't do this anymore, even though it does bring in a bit of advantage. Taking insurance in blackjack when they have a high bet is also a possible sign of card counting. Basic strategy says never to take insurance. Most people that do take insurance do it when their hand is good (but really insurance means do you think the dealer has blackjack and should never rely on your own hand). Insurance is the single most important play that is outside normal plays that card counters will use. This is why counters still take insurance even if it gives off a possible red flag. All casino personnel are trained somewhat to recognize suspicious plays. They are on the lookout for people that bet more at the end of the shoe, and then go back to the minimum bet at the beginning of the shoe. They also look out for people that play 2 hands sometimes or play big bets only sometimes. They watch people that bet high sometimes whether they are winning or not.

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